Inflatable Characters

Inflatable Characters

Bespoke inflatable characters are large helium filled inflatables usually for outdoor events, but they can also be used for indoor exhibitions where the roof height is slightly larger.

Helium filled bespoke shapes such as Parade Inflatables are normally large products. There is a little bit of mathematics used in these. ie They have to be large enough that the helium inside them lifts the product off the ground.

Usually made at around 6m in size.
Due to the inflatables design, sometimes, such an inflatable is not aerodynamic, and hence not as stable as a blimp or inflatable sphere, therefore installation and management will be required. Which we can of course help you with.

Product replicas, giant floating animals and inflatable characters tend to be suitable and used for short term promotional events, music concerts, parades or product launches.
Megaflatables are specialists in these products and would be pleased to help you from design infancy through to event roll out.

Inflatable Helium Stadium Banners-Cylinders, Inflatable Helium Floating Branded Clouds, Inflatable Floating Printed Cubes are also available.

Made in lightweight 0.18mm PVC material, Megaflatables offer a totally bespoke three dimensional inflatable shape to your exact design. You will be given a project manager to manage your expectations from design through to installation.

We can also offer a full flight service, so we can provide storage, operators and the helium gas for your event.


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