Advertising Blimps

Inflatable Advertising Blimps

Advertising Blimps are ideal site markers for either indoor or outdoor locations. Flying at up to 200ft above the ground our Blimps and Spheres offer a stable advertising platform for your corporate branding and brand message. Blimps and all of our inflatable airships will promote your business and drive traffic to your site.

Made from the highest quality PVC, you can choose from a variety of sizes from 10ft up to 25ft long.

Use the Helium Airships as site markers or as part of your promotional campaign to make the wider area know about a specific promotion you are running.

CAA Certificate: We can apply to the CAA on your behalf to make sure you have permission to fly in UK air space.
If you would like us to supply the gas and/or handle the installation for you, no problem just let us know and we can make that happen.


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